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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Eyes Have It

I took a few pictures for this week, well 1 was taken on Friday so I couldn't use it.
Here is my 1st photo:
Taken with my new Lenses Baby Control freak.......I was just trying it out and I really like it.  You can really do fun things with it!

The Eye Have it
 The 2nd I took while trying to make Monkey happy for our family photo!  She is in her new Iowa shirt that looks really cute on her!


The last was taken Monday when we went out to Dennis's uncles again.  This time I remembered the camera, almost forgot a memory card, but all was good.  This is the photo I put submitted for my weekly MCP Project 52 photo.  I ran MCP Touch of Color and then Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait 3.

The Eyes Have It

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