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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tell a Story In 5 Photos

Last semester I had my digital camera class do a visual story in 5 photos.  For the semester's digital camera class I had them do the same thing and this time I decided to do the assignment with them.  Monkey was having such a good time outside yesterday playing in the grass and sliding on her slide.  I used a tutorial I found on creating a Cinematic Effect and a story board from The Coffee Shop Blog (got to love Rita).

Friday, May 20, 2011

MCP Project 52- Spring Fever!

Now I really just take these photos for myself and for my students to see that I too create art!  But, why is it the photos I really like barely anyone looks at or comments on and the ones I feel are just ok get tons of hits and comments?  As a teacher I see the art my students make, I know if they have an emotional connection to each one.  I know the pieces they are most proud of and the ones that just threw something together at the last minute because they were too busy talking to care.  Effort always plays a role in my grading, but effort doesn't when it comes to placing your images on Flickr or your blog.  I do put alot of time into my photos...even my snap shots! 
This weeks theme was Spring Fever!!!  Monkey and planted some herbs a week ago and we are waiting for them to grow!  No luck yet, hopefully they do!!!! 
I love this photo because of the great color that pops from the pots!  I used MCP Quickie Actions and All in the Details on this one!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I need more of me!

When you walk into my house you will see a mess!  I have had my nieces the past 2 nights and again tonight!  There needs to be more of me!  The same goes with my classroom-all teachers feel this way at times, not just me!  Especially now with budget cuts and maxed out classrooms!  In the past we have tried to keep my numbers at a manageable size- I do alot of one on one teaching- but the powers that be want my room maxed so I can pick up more art classes!  I am so glad I have great numbers, but I am exhausted when I come home and my house suffers.......oh well, summer is almost here and spring cleaning- I guess summer cleaning- will begin! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

So I forgot to publish this last night!  I am haven't posted anything for Sweet Shot Tuesday in a while so I thought I would put this one up!  I took this photo last week while Monkey played in the nice cool water!  It was so hot I thought for 2 days it was summer, and than back to typical Iowa weather!  I used Nelly Nero actions on this shot- however I forgot which one!!!!  I highly suggest downloading her actions from her Flickr profile!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Now to WOW- Mother's Day

WOW- upon trying to link up to Ashley's site I just realized all of Thursday's posts are GONE!!!  Dust in the wind..... no way to get them back!!!  So my cute post yesterday on my Monkey's blog is gone too!!  So I will have to wait to link this up until Ashley redoes her post.  So its a good thing I checked her post yesterday morning!!!!
Ashley's tutorial this week was on Gradient Maps.  You can find it here.  I love to use gradient maps on my photos.  That is how I tell my digital camera students to create black and white photos quickly.  I haven't played around with "crazy" gradients very much, I did on these.  I used metals on the first, and last and a blue one on the photo of Monkey and me to bring out the sky.  I also used Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait 3.  I think I like the Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait 2 better, but than again I will have to do some more actual portraits to really make up my mind!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Donuts and Window Light a great mix!

MCP Project 52's theme this week is Window Light!  I have great light coming in our windows in the morning.  On Sunday I got Monkey her favorite donut.........cream filled long john!  She loves them, as a matter of fact she eats more than I do!  I got some shots of her eating away with the window light illuminating her face!


Monday, May 9, 2011

SOOC- Mother's Day

What a great day for mother's day!!!  It looked like it was going to rain and than the sky cleared and the sun was warm and bright and wonderful!!!  I very much needed day!!!  Monkey, Dennis and I went to the greenhouse picked out flowers for the front porch, I was going to get 5 of the same baskets, but I can't handle the same thing 5 times!!!  We got a variety!!!  So here are my Mother's Day shots...... one of Monkey and I sitting on the ground outside cuddling (she was tired, no nap yesterday) and a couple of the flowers we bought!!!  Enjoy, can't wait for the edits!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its National Teacher Day!

Upon reading my colleagues blogs I thought I would post a little teaching post!  Some posted questions, some posted thank yous to their teachers they remember.  What am I going to post.......just some thoughts......I love teaching, I used to play it with my siblings and cousins when I was little.  I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school.  My art teacher was FABULOUS!!!!  I still talk to her all the time and I still see my elementary art teacher who is an amazing artist also!!!  Both need a website so I can reference it!  What I love about teaching is the kids and getting through to them, showing them how to love art when they didn't think they would.  I love seeing them grow as artists, love, love, love it!
What I don't love is when you are passionate about something and you see that taken away.  We are going through a strange time, teachers are getting pink slipped, good teachers, great teachers, WONDERFUL teachers and I hate it!  I hate, hate, hate it!  I hate that I don't know if my neighbor will be back next year or if she will be my neighbor!  I hate the fact that I am all upset because I might not be able to teach my baby, the photoshop class I developed, and she doesn't know if she has a job!  AHHHHH!  I hate I might loose my mentor because her husband was cut.  Who will I go talk to when I need to bounce project ideas off of or when I want an opinion on the painting I am doing.  Teachers are getting spread out a former students blogs asked why teachers can't grade paper quickly- when you teach 7 different classes with 25+ students in them..........well teachers are being spread thin..........
But, I love the kids, the friends, the laughs we share at lunch.........I love to see that hater of art turn into a lover of art who I can't keep out of the art room!!!!

So now that I am done babbling........Happy National Teachers Day.......thank you to all the wonderful teachers that I had in school and that I talk to EVERYDAY!!!

First thing in the Morning

First thing in the morning was the theme for week 18 of MCP Project 52.  I am amazed I haven't missed a week.  I also created another landscape photo, I haven't done a portrait since week 7.......I tried with this one, however it didn't work!
I wish I could do this every morning, wake up, have some coffee..... each some breakfast with Monkey......but I am NOT a morning person, so this only happens on the weekend.  Maybe this weekend my husband will make me breakfast......not going to happen!

This was edited with Coffeeshop Raspberry Tea action.  I put a layer mask on the top layer to add some sharpness Monkey in the background and my ring.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So here are my Growth photos- Monkey decided she wanted to drive daddy's car that was taken out of storage on Sunday!!!  Of course she wanted no help!!!  No worries-we took the keys out and the ebrake is always on!  They grow up so fast!!!!  I can't wait to take these photos again when she is 16!  Wait....I can wait!!!