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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 141 and 142

We watched a really good video yesterday at inserevice.  One of the quotes I got out of it was tell the students to "TEACH ME".  I love that!  So I made a poster, while I should have been listening to the rest of the presentation!  Oooops....it was the last day of school!  While on a break a follow colleuage asked how we (another colleuage who writes everyday) find time to write and make art.......it's an addiction........I HAVE  to do it!  I love it........sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours.........but, it is MY time, its time to just be an artist......not just a teacher, not just a mom, not just a wife...........its what I was born to do and I LOVE IT!  DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT!   If that is the only thing I teach my students than I am successful! 

So today's art was inspired by pinterest, again, I saw a poster that said I teach....what's your superpower, of course I didn't like the superpower logo or fonts, so I recreated it.....two twice.  After I made my logo I ran across DC comic brushes on adobe exchange (one of my favorite places to go).  I had to put WonderWoman on the poster too!!!!  FYI I want this on a shirt!!!!

Download and enjoy!

Days 138, 139, 140

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Monkey loves her swing set, really she LOVES her swing set.  I can't get her off of it so that is why I have so many pictures of her on it!  Of course she wakes up in the morning and wants to go right out.....hence the hair and no pants!
Our Lilacs are blooming and I got her to smell them!  I love lilacs, I am so glad we have a couple bushes now, I just wished they bloomed all summer!



130 and 131

Day 129 will still have to wait, its on a school computer that was downloaded by the yearbook kids.  Here are my two photos from the weekend!  Enjoy!

Day 131

Day130 Instagram Action

Monday, May 21, 2012

1, 2 skip a few!

So, I am skipping a few days......3 to be exact, I will come back to them.  I have the pictures at home for day 130 and 131 and day 129 is on a computer somewhere, but not sure where!!!  Its my finished zentangle sculpture!!!

So, I was inspired to create some more posters for my classroom.  I have had so many complements on my earth without art poster I needed more!  So I decided to do one a day for the last week!  I will post Saturday and Sunday's later!  Feel free to download and print them for your classroom!!

Day 132

Day 133

Day 134

Day 135

Day 136
Day 137

Thursday, May 10, 2012

365- Day 128

I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest the other day and since it is Teacher Appreciation Week I thought I would create this for all of my wonderful colleagues in the Crestwood High School!  I love teaching with you all, you inspire me to be a better teacher, to learn everyday, and to treat each student like I would want my own daughter treated.  (The cursive "guide" is just for you Deb Day!!!)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

365-Day 126 and 127

So yesterday I worked on my large zentangle.  Here is day 2 of my large zentangle- Day 126!

Today was Cadets for a Cause- as a district we raised over $6000 for both our local cancer "center" they help with costs etc. and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  After the morning festivities and the speaker from the Lance Armstrong Foundation we all- the entire district did the Interlude Dance.  So I took this panorama picture of K-12 doing 1 dance!  Than of course I had to make it into a PLANET!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

365 Day 124 and 125

Since I am left handed I really could never do calligraphy, so yesterday when I ran across "fake" calligraphy on Pinterest I had to do it, of course I have done it in the past, but it takes so much more time than traditional calligraphy!!!!   Crazy!  I than added watercolor crayons to it to spice it up a bit!

Today I started my large 3-D zentangle with my Drawing and Design class.  They got 2 pieces of foam core- 10x10 and 8x10- two zentangles they will make "pop" out!  So this will be my art for then next few days!!!  So here is day 1!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

365- Day 123

I took Friday off to be home with my mom who came up to help organize the house and baby's room so when we welcome the new addition in 6 weeks we will be ready!  So I didn't get anything done on Friday because from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed we were cleaning and organizing, not to mention washing and folding 0-3 month clothes!

But, Saturday was the SUPER MOON!  Of course when I wanted to take photos, just after 8:30 the clouds were thick and no rising of the super moon would be taken.  I did get photos about 9-9:30, but at 10:35, when it was supposed to be the fullest of the night, more clouds, and more storms!!!

So here is day 123.......the Super Moon!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

365- Day 122

So I created an new banner of our school's website.  Of course this is like the 4 version, but it looks great!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

365- Day 121

My Digital Camera class is taking MOOD photos today- 12 different people one photo straight on and one from the side.  With these photos they are creating face illusions, so of course I have to create one!!!  So I used Monkey's 2 year photos, the side profile photo was straight on so I had to improvise!  So, I will take 2 photos today of a student for the tutorial, but I had to do one my cutie first!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 119 and 120

As I walked around the room observing painting class's self portraits I got to thinking about my photoshop's last project, well all but 2 of my photoshop students last project.  I thought, hmmmmm I haven't done digital painting in a while........I wonder if I still remember how!!!  The answer was YES!  So here is my digital painting of Monkey!

Yesterday I did a quote.....didn't really like it than added some more design to it, and liked it a bit more.  I don't always like the art I do, but it always helps me think about what I can improve on!