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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Action

Not only is this my first action, but it is also my Sweet Shot Tuesday!!!  Pictures after the storm we had this weekend!!!
Here is my first action that I have created for others to use!  I taught my class to do Ashley's Planet Tutorial and as I was creating my planets I realized it would super easy to create an action for it!
Ashley took a panoramic picture and made a "planet" out of it.  Of course if you want the entire tutorial check it out HERE!!!  Of course I tweeked it a bit.  I added a mirrored image to the action, some of my skies were so different it was hard to clone it and make it look good!  So you can download it here!
Original cropped
Mirror Left

Mirror Right

Planet Action

Well Action


  1. Oh my, how COOL...loved this!!

  2. I like the first globe best! Impressive that you made your own action! Amazing!