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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now to Wow........FINALLY!!!!

Hello everyone!  Tuesday was the last time I posted anything here, crazy!  I have been so busy, we had to get ready for our Night of Jazz Art Show that we set up on Friday, however I wasn't at school on Friday so I had to get everything done on Thursday!!!
Yesterday I finally got to sit down and read Ashley's tutorial.  This was a tutorial I do all the time.  This fall I did senior pictures and the leaves in the shots were very brown, but after I was done, oranges and reds that matched the coat she was wearing.
I have to admit I was a little bummed at first because I totally forgot I had the window shot of Monkey, so I was pleasantly surprise with the grass I greened up!  I did check out other sites and thank goodness I clicked on 365 Day s of Photos Blog!!!  She did Moody Pop by Rita at the Coffeshop blog and that  is what I applied to all of my photos, along with Ashley's Nice n Easy!

Also I applied my layer adjustments to my photo BEFORE I ran any clean actions, that way it didn't look like an after thought, I wanted the actions to be applied to the grass as if it was green.

Enjoy the photos!!!

Without Moody Pop

With Moody Pop

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  1. These are great - I especially love how the green looks without moody pop.