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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now to WOW!!!

Hello all!  I actually found time today to do my Now to WOW!!!  I love to use ACR presets!  FYI- I didn't shoot in RAW this week so..................... 
TIP OF THE DAY:  If you don't shoot in RAW you can still open your jpegs in ACR- go into Bridge and select your files File- Open in Photoshop RAW!  Not all presets that you download will work on jpegs opened in ACR, but its worth a try!!!

ACR presets are a fun way to edit your photos.  I didn't do the preset on all of them because I had things in mind one and the other that isn't on her didn't look good with the preset.  I use MCP's touch of Light/ touch of Darkness FREE action on some of the photos to lighten and darken areas!  I love this action, it works so well.

FYI This is my favorite!!!!



  1. Nicely done - I like the black and whites. :)

  2. These are great! I did find the ACR presets on my JPeg a little too high-key for me; and I'm guessing that is because it starts out with the numbers zeroed--no matter what is in the actual photo?

    Great memories and loving family! So happy! Great use of selective coloring, too.