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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Iowa Corn fields..................something that I have looked at since I was 5 months old (I was born in December, there is only snow in December).  We had to shoot the sky for MCP Project 52 week 31.  Well in Iowa when its hot it humid and lately we have had pretty boring skies......not a cloud in the sky!  If only I could say the same about the humidity!  I set out Sunday night to take some photos of the Amish haystacks that I knew were about 5 miles away, yes there are ALOT of Amish in NE Iowa.  It was Sunday so I knew they were still there.  As I drove along I slowed down thinking about turning down a gravel road......two Amish were walking hand in hand down the gravel road....they were married just out for a Sunday walk.  Of course even if I would have turned down the road I wouldn't have taken their picture, but I would have been a really sweet photo because the sky was nice and blue and trees framed them!  However, when I got to the Amish haystacks what I had in my head was VanGogh, and the sky just wasn't quite right, so I was a bit disappointed.  Anyway.....here are some of the other photos I took besides the one I posted on Flickr.  Modern vs. Old School!

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