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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 34!

Yes its week 34 of MCP Project 52- kind of crazy!  Not as crazy a the beginning of the school year!  I can't believe we have a week down, its unreal!!!!  My classes are FULL!  Which is great!!!  I truly do love my job as an art teacher and I think the kids realize that, they can smell fear and teachers who are just her because!  Lately you can smell lots of things in the halls......its is REALLY hot!!!  My digital camera class is jumped from 12 to 18 and that is with some drops too.  They are all doings....you can check them out here:  www.chsdigitalcamera.blogspot.com

Now to the post at hand..........picture it you are at your husband uncle's house to drop off corn that you froze for him............Monkey is excited because there will be horses, cats, dogs and CATTLE, and you don't bring your Canon 7D with.................the sky is perfect, there is an old red gate, 5 cows that go where ever Monkey goes and a giant old tree in the background................only your camera phone!!!!  What!!!!  Crap!!!!!  And I call myself a photographer!!!

Even though I only used my phone's camera I still got some great pics of Monkey and the cattle!!

But I think I will put the old Canon Digital Rebel in the caddy from now on!!!

Nelly Nero Whipped Cream Action applied

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