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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 141 and 142

We watched a really good video yesterday at inserevice.  One of the quotes I got out of it was tell the students to "TEACH ME".  I love that!  So I made a poster, while I should have been listening to the rest of the presentation!  Oooops....it was the last day of school!  While on a break a follow colleuage asked how we (another colleuage who writes everyday) find time to write and make art.......it's an addiction........I HAVE  to do it!  I love it........sometimes it's 5 minutes, sometimes it's 2 hours.........but, it is MY time, its time to just be an artist......not just a teacher, not just a mom, not just a wife...........its what I was born to do and I LOVE IT!  DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT IT!   If that is the only thing I teach my students than I am successful! 

So today's art was inspired by pinterest, again, I saw a poster that said I teach....what's your superpower, of course I didn't like the superpower logo or fonts, so I recreated it.....two twice.  After I made my logo I ran across DC comic brushes on adobe exchange (one of my favorite places to go).  I had to put WonderWoman on the poster too!!!!  FYI I want this on a shirt!!!!

Download and enjoy!

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