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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that- 365 days of Art

Lots of art to blog about.  Dennis got his wisdom teeth out this weekend, and I still found time to create art, while both he and Monkey slept!  Fun!  My favorite piece is the last one I created today out of old slides I have in a box in my office.  I grabed two out and one was the Birth of Venus...one of my favorite pieces.  So I created a mini shadow box!


Day 103- Zentangle Trees on a bubble background.   Monkey liked the bubbles, until she sucked it up the straw.
 Day 104- Bubble photos!!
 Day 105- New app on  the ipad- something spiral- a bit hard to control the free app, but I like it!!!
 Day 106- Geometric Silhouette with a magazine background- Drawing I's new assignment.
Day 107- My favorite- Slide Shadow box, Ode to Venus!!!!

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