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Friday, May 20, 2011

MCP Project 52- Spring Fever!

Now I really just take these photos for myself and for my students to see that I too create art!  But, why is it the photos I really like barely anyone looks at or comments on and the ones I feel are just ok get tons of hits and comments?  As a teacher I see the art my students make, I know if they have an emotional connection to each one.  I know the pieces they are most proud of and the ones that just threw something together at the last minute because they were too busy talking to care.  Effort always plays a role in my grading, but effort doesn't when it comes to placing your images on Flickr or your blog.  I do put alot of time into my photos...even my snap shots! 
This weeks theme was Spring Fever!!!  Monkey and planted some herbs a week ago and we are waiting for them to grow!  No luck yet, hopefully they do!!!! 
I love this photo because of the great color that pops from the pots!  I used MCP Quickie Actions and All in the Details on this one!

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