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Friday, May 13, 2011

Now to WOW- Mother's Day

WOW- upon trying to link up to Ashley's site I just realized all of Thursday's posts are GONE!!!  Dust in the wind..... no way to get them back!!!  So my cute post yesterday on my Monkey's blog is gone too!!  So I will have to wait to link this up until Ashley redoes her post.  So its a good thing I checked her post yesterday morning!!!!
Ashley's tutorial this week was on Gradient Maps.  You can find it here.  I love to use gradient maps on my photos.  That is how I tell my digital camera students to create black and white photos quickly.  I haven't played around with "crazy" gradients very much, I did on these.  I used metals on the first, and last and a blue one on the photo of Monkey and me to bring out the sky.  I also used Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait 3.  I think I like the Coffeeshop Perfect Portrait 2 better, but than again I will have to do some more actual portraits to really make up my mind!

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