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Thursday, January 12, 2012

365-Day 11

Day 11-  I am always inspired by what my students are doing in class, if I wouldn't do the project why should I have them do the project!  Today we drew bottles- lots of bottles!  Something that they just LOVE to do.........(where's my sarcasm font when I need it)!  I however do love to draw bottles.....strange but I do!  For me it is a challenge, something to keep my in practice of drawing what I see, although I am completely tired of drawing the same bottles, I think I need to start a new search for interesting bottles!!!  So I did a mini drawing of bottles with my Drawing I class.  I will do one tomorrow with my Drawing and Design class, not for my daily art, just because.

PS- It is still snowing and students are still whining about not being 2 hours late and now not getting out early!  Oh welcome to Iowa winter!!!!  Its finally HERE!

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