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Friday, January 20, 2012

365- Day 19

SNOW DAY!  3-6 inches- more like 8-10!  We got tons of snow today!!!  Our first snow day of the year!  A little late, but its here!  Once Monkey went down for her nap I put my snowmobile boots on and went out into the fresh air to take pictures.  Here they are!  I couldn't decide on just one so I did a story board from the Coffeeshop Blog, one of my favorite sites!!!

This is also the image I am used for my MCP Actions Project 12- this month is Resolution.  My resolution this year is to do 365 days of art!  So here is day 19 of my resolution so far so good!!!


  1. Your photos are so pretty... and done on that storyboard is eye catching. Love it!

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  3. That's quite a challenge! Love the trio!