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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Assessing student art

I love teaching!  I hate grading!  Sometimes its not about an A or B, its about the process!!!!  Art is very subjective, so I have to make my objectives very clear when I start a project.   There is always a "check list" on the board on how to get an A!  When I had smaller classes I would give lots of written feedback, tons.  Now, I give lots of verbal feedback, which won't ever stop. 

This semester I have a great bunch of Drawing I kids, a bit talkative, but a great bunch.   I really want to push them, so even though I give them verbal feedback all the time I am going to give them written feedback with every project.  Just a quick little assessment on how they are doing.  A wow and a work harder on sheet.  I found it on Jessica Balsley's website (she has a free ebook, its geared more for elem. art but it works for HS too).  So I created a little not on Photoshop and thought I would share it with you to use! 

PS- Yesterday art is scanned at home sitting on my desktop......will post later!!!!

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