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Friday, March 4, 2011

A HS Art Teacher's Journal

Today is Friday!  Its started off a bit chaotic, but has now settled down!  Thanks heavens to Betsey for that.  So today I decided to spend minimal time on the computer and spend my day making art with my students.  Every once in a while I do that with them, they really do love it.  Last semester I did a drawing of Hadley on her dad's snowmobile.  And now that I have a student teacher I can do art ALL day!

Julie and I did an online workshop fro Art Trader Magazine on Art Journals.  Well, last semester was a bit crazy and I never really got around to doing it.  So today I printed off all the pages, put it in a binder and I have officially covered my journal!  A HS Art Teachers Journal of art n things!

Since our school is focusing on literacy I really want to incorporate what I am doing into my classes. Deb Day and I would love to team teach a class the incorporated art and writing, it would be AWESOME!  Stay tuned for examples of the journal, I am hoping to go CRAZY with it!!!!


  1. I love both your posts today--they made me laugh. And yes, we have to figure out the whole creative writing/art thing. I know we could do it with online portfolios. Are you teaching that class this summer????

  2. No can do....I don't have my masters! Another reason added to my list of why I need to start that this summer!!!!