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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lemon Meringue's Senior Picture!!!

Before I start this post I want to give a shout out to my good friends and English teachers' blogs.  They are rockin' good and gives you a glance at how great our English department is! I am a bit jealous on how great you two write!   Check them out, they are in my blog list.  Coffee with Chloe and Fountain!!  You go girls!!! Snap Snap!!!

So another snow day and I am home from school.  I needed to take the photos for my Week 10 of MCP's Project 52.  The theme Childhood Toys!  How much fun!  I dug out some of my toys a while back for my daughter to play with.  My favorite Cabbage Patch, who still smells like baby powder, my possible doll, Fifi la Femme; who stayed on my bed in high school, and today I found Lemon Meringue, who still blows you lemony kissed of joy!!!!  Of course I had to include some of my favorite books, Charlotte's Web (I read 100 times) and some of my Little House on the Prairie books, I had all of them and mom and I would read them all the time.

My original idea was to take the photos on my bed, like they used to be perfectly placed as a kid so my mom wouldn't yell.  However, the only pic I liked was the one of Lemon Meringue........it reminded me of a traditional senior picture!!!!

Here are the two other photos that I worked on, not sure which I will post so you will just have to check out my Project 52 page to find out!

Oh and stay tuned for my short tutorial on how I created these photos!!!!
This is Also my Photo for "Sweet Shot Tuesday"

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