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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Digital Camera Class

So, my student teacher is giving me back my classes.......love it/hate it......I am getting a little bored not teaching, but it has been great to get things done in my office, computer, etc.  So I took back over my digital camera class today.  Its a bunch of seniors who are ready to be done, there are a few of them in there that are WONDERFUL photographers.  If you like you can check out our high school website...its my baby, I made it on IWeb, but everything is very custom it took me FOREVER to set up!  Check it Out HERE
Since I love doing challenges I have decided that they will be doing them as well, they are doing one similar to Good to Wow.  Friday's they get a theme, 5 photos are due on Monday, a tutorial shown to them on Tuesday and all the photos are due on Friday.  Thursday will be a shoot in class day where they learn something new about the camera or we set up a shoot.

This week Shadows/Reflections

I really hope it works!!!!!  Wish me luck!!!

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