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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shake it Like A Polaroid Picture!

So on Sunday my little Monkey decided to take a 4 hour nap.  I guess the shopping on Saturday tuckered her out!  I wanted to take some pics of her for my MCP Project 52 challenge, but she slept a really long time so I got a couple, so we will see.

After discussing if I should wake her up or not she shot up from the couch so fast I thought she was going to catapult herself right off!  So instead of shooting photos for MCP I just got some random shots and took them into Photoshop and ran some actions on them.  Including a great Polaroid action I found! I really do miss Polaroids!  Shaking it to see if you could speed up the processing.  The waiting for the picture to turn out to see if it was good!  Being able to write a little note on the bottom!!!  Oh how fun!   I know they have new ones out, but they are not the same.
So, I make them in Photoshop!  This action is so real, texture and everything!  You can even put emulsion on them!  So enjoy and if I can find where I downloaded the action from I will post it!!!!

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