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Monday, February 6, 2012

365- Day 35

So, I started writing this blog yesterday........however I really didn't know how to write it!  And I ended up babbling!  So, I will start off by simply saying:

Not all art is meant for everyone to see.
Some art is private.
Art helps heal.

Sunday's piece is a photo, one that only I will see.  Why?  Because art heals.  Do you know how many photos I have of myself showing off my belly bump from Monkey?  4, two where taken right before I went to the hospital to have her, one is with my sisters at my shower and the other is at wedding with Dennis.  None of them are the actual belly shot that some do, white shirt belly there for you to see, not me, more power to those of you that did those shots. 

Why am I so belly shy?  A scar- one that is both visible and internal.  Close friends and family know the story......art helps heal.......so the heart around my scar is the reminder that its ok not to forget, its ok to still be healing because some scars never heal.

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