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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

365- Day 44

Sometimes I wish I was an elementary teacher, but then I remember I don't like wiping runny noses and I don't like hugs from little kids a barely know........We have had parent teacher conferences the past 2 nights.  I have had 7 parents stop in and talk about their son/daughter.  7......with 1 left to go at 7:20.  Do I love having a 4 day weekend; yes, do I love sitting here very tired.....no.  Having conferences back to back nights is a bit much, I like it much better when it is a Tuesday/Thursday.  I do love talking to parents and showing them how well their son/daughter is doing in class, I just wished more showed up!  We rely alot on email and JMC these days!

Anyhow.....I resorted to making paper flowers for the English teacher down the hall who had pinned some on pinterest.......they were fun and since it is Valentines Day it seem appropriate!  I finished my art earlier today so I had time on my hands.  Of course I could have graded sketchbooks or bottle drawings, but where's the fun in that????

I call this piece Ode to Julie....it reminds me of her!



  1. LOVE the mixed-media nature of this draw/paint collage! actual string for lines? patterns are very YOU :)

    1. Pencil and Sharpie- I only had white string and I didn't feel like tinting it!