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Sunday, February 5, 2012

365- Days 33 and 34

So here are Friday and Saturday's art plus one of my Project 12 photos!  Let's talk about Friday......I love to take photos of Monkey's feet and hands and I love to make art with them too.  I put her foot prints on her birth announcement and I loved it.  So I had her get into my ink and ink up her hand to do a little art........she loved that a little too much, had to hide the ink from her!  So here is that piece.  I am going to do another using my cutting machine to get a better cut.  PS My scanner is weird and the print looks blurry in the photo but that is because the paper layers are elevated and my scanner doesn't like that!

Enjoy Friday's:
As for Saturday's Monkey and I went to take photos for my Project 12's theme LOVE OR LEAP.  First of all I LOVE taking photos of her feet second she always plays this should I or shouldn't I mom game with me.  I thought it would be fun to take a should I leap or not photo on the edge of the bed.  I also have some more I will post tomorrow my love.....feet!

Enjoy Saturday's:

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