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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

365- Day 59

We its really crappy out........rain, ice, snow you name it we are getting it!  Of course they got 17 inches of snow in the state over.....although I would rather have snow than ice!  The students had a 3 hour early out and us teachers we get inservice!  YEAH, we do get to leave at 3 because of the weather!  I was going to have Digital Camera take Bokeh Pictures today, but I didn't have enough time to get test photos and things set up to do it today so tomorrow will have to do!  I had a lot of fun taking them today in different areas of the classroom with different lights etc.  So today's art is a photo, 2 actually!!!

Enjoy!!!  (The first one isn't really bokeh, but oh well!)

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  1. OK - we've done the light part of this but never with still-life objects.... in the same setting, same moment?