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Monday, February 13, 2012

365 Days 41 and 42

I love the weekends, I can lock myself in my studio or on my mac, well when Monkey is sleeping!  This weekend I spent Monkey's 3 hour nap cutting stencils for Dennis's latest church and editing photos Monkey's 2 year photos round 1.  The grandmas were getting a bit upset that I haven't gotten them done yet!  So Saturday's 365 is her 2 year pics.

Sunday I spent 95% of the day in a car traveling to Cherokee Iowa for a church dedication.  It is a beautiful church, very decorated!  I took photos there, tested out a new flash for my camera.  I will post a slide show of the church later this week when I pick out the best photos.  So there is a story behind the photo I chose for Sunday.....one of my favorite paintings in one of my many art history classes is Lamentation of Christ by Mantegna.  Great example of the ever so tricky foreshortening.  This photo was taken because it reminds me of that painting.


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