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Monday, February 20, 2012

A four Day Weekend of 365 days of Art

So we had a 4 day weekend!  How fun!  I spent most of it cleaning- Friday the house and Saturday and Sunday my studio.  I can actually work in it now!

So here is the down low on the art Day 46 is still at school on the drying rack.  My painting students took 2 45 minute class periods to draw a 9x12 bottle so I had to show them they could so the whole thing in a class period!  So that is at school I will post that tomorrow.

The rest of the art is a mixed bag.  I made a bird's nest necklace again and ring.  I am going to sell them for Easter.  I also made a little domino altered art piece.  A hand piece to hang in my studio of Dennis, Mine and Monkey's hands! 

And last but not least a photo.....

Let me explain!  I love science, I am a bit of a science geek, I always find myself going into my neighbor's science room to see what they are doing next!  I found this "lava" lamp science experiment on pinterest and thought it would make a great oil and water photo!  I wasn't wrong!!!  It was tons of fun!!!!  I will have to post all of the photos I took, but for now just the one!


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